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“If our personal diet, the soil our food was grown in, and our digestion were perfect, we would not need nutritional supplements. However, here in America, perfection is impossible to attain in these three areas. Thus we need to...supplement. Here we provide three packages containing the foundational nutrients we all need for optimum health.”

Randy James, MD and Functional Medicine Certified Practitioner, cohost of the True Life podcast

Why Are We Advocating Nutritional Supplements?

"People have a horrific track record of taking their prescription meds consistently, even if they are life-dependent on them. They are even worse with nutritional supplements, but there are specific reasons we address here.”

Kevin Miller, Personal Development researcher, host of three podcasts with over 50 million downloads

The Three Primary Problems With Taking Nutritional Supplements

“At the base level, a nutritional supplement is a pill or capsule containing nutrients, and the quality of what you swallow and how much it helps you or not depends on three factors;

  1. 1) The initial quality of the natural product the nutrient was harvested from
  2. 2) The conditions the nutrients have been exposed to between harvesting and ingesting, and
  3. 3) The formulation of the nutrient composition that helps you absorb it to the fullest extent.

- Kevin Miller

Why Buy Our Nutritional Supplements?

“I utilize over 50 different, individualized nutritional supplements for my personal patients to address a myriad of issues.

But here the focus is simplicity, consistency, and results; Three packages, a 60-day supply, automatically delivered to your doorstep. You just take them every day like you brush your teeth every day to ensure that aside from everything else that may happen, you have made this core deposit in your daily health.”

- Dr. Randy James

“Bottom line, for $3.50 to $6.80 per day you can significantly bolster your physiological and psychological wellness. If I’m spending $4.70 on my near daily Venti Americano at Starbucks, I better be investing at least $3.50 to ensure my core health.”

~ Kevin Miller


OPTION 1: CORE PACKAGE - $3.45 per day

These are the basic four nutrients Dr. James prescribes to each and every patient, at a minimum. They address the four, primary nutritional voids we as American’s suffer from.

Buy Core Package


CORPREVENT - $4.70 per day (exactly how much Kevin spends on his daily coffee!)

This package includes the nutrients from the CORE PACKAGE and adds additional support to supplement more aggressively with nutrients known to be critical in maintaining Mitochondrial Function. This support can help reduce the likelihood of dysfunction over time, related to lack of inflammation resolution. 

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CORPREVENT + SHAKE COMBO - $8.40 per day

For a mere $3.60 extra per day you can get a convenient meal replacement or on-the-go snack option packed with flavor, nutrients, and protein.

Buy CorPrevent + Shake Package

Option #3: CorResilience


This includes everything the previous packages offer, plus adds support for cardiovascular health, neurological health and problems with metabolism. For those dealing with chronic illness, this is your best, affirmative action. Though in a best case scenario, being sensitive to affordability, Dr. James would have every American taking this package, every day, always.

Buy CorResilience Package


For a mere $3.60 extra per day you can get a convenient meal replacement or on-the-go snack option packed with flavor, nutrients, and protein.

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