Dr. Randy James M.D.

Board Certified Family Practitioner,
Institute for Functional Medicine Certified Practitioner

Personal Story

Growing up part of a medical and military family, I learned a lot of the values and passion that characterize my practice today. Entering my collegiate years, I watched my physician father start to practice medicine a new way, before it became more acceptable to treat patients with an “alternative” thought process. Considering a career in medicine myself, it took me a while to make up my mind considering I had a lot of other interests to pursue. I first received my bachelor’s degree in History and Foreign Service from Baylor University and went on to an intensive language program earning a Master’s in German through Middlebury College. After finishing those studies at the University of Mainz in Germany and discovering that I definitely didn’t want to be a professor after all, I decided to go back to the original pursuit of medical school and earned my MD from the University of Kansas in 1998.

It was inspiring to watch my dad (an ENT surgeon and allergy specialist) recognize that surgery wasn’t always the necessary or best treatment for many of his patients, many who started to get better by changing the way they thought about food, environment, and overall lifestyle. Hearing the stories of how he was changing the health and lives of his patients with this approach, and seeing their gratitude because their lives (vs just symptoms) had been improved with his guidance, inspired me to study and apply medicine in the same way. I especially remember a hiking trip to Mt. St. Helens together. On the way to the trailhead he was asked by a fellow bus passenger about a medical issue, and after a few short minutes, many people were craning their necks to hear more about how they could be empowered to take charge of their own health. That settled it! Still young and early in my medical training, I knew that I would practice the kind of medicine that captured the heart of people in this way.

Professional Credentials

After completing my Internship and Family Practice Residency with the USAF at Womack Army Medical Center, I was pleased to serve my country and the military community for 9 years of active duty. During this time I was a “regular” doctor, treating patients to the best of my ability in the traditional western manner. It did not take long to realize that my dad was right – treating illness once it sets in just doesn’t seem like the best approach to manage and maintain health. Functional Medicine’s approach (developed by the Institute for Functional Medicine, IFM) finally offered the evidence-based curriculum and teaching necessary to recognize root-causes of illness along with the methods for prevention or healing. For me, this approach to medicine has been much more successful and fulfilling. I completed my certification with IFM in 2013, and I am able to offer my patients an elevated level of care that focuses on the individual, not limited by a reactive treatment approach, or confined by the business driven policies of insurance companies.

Developing True Life Medicine (TLM) is something my family has been a part of as well. My wife is a nurse, and we are raising 3 energetic young boys. Being active and protecting our health is something we value; we know wellness is earned. It allows us to pursue our interests and tackle life’s demands, whether it’s hiking our beautiful Rocky Mountains, playing soccer, or meeting deadlines and building relationships.

It hasn’t been easy raising a family while also pursuing the additional training for Functional Medicine and developing a private practice unlike any current models, however, I am so gratified by the response I’ve received from my patients. When I connect authentically with a fellow person in need and help them, it reminds me that this is what I am compelled to do – that people need and desire to develop a plan for their wellness. That is why I am devoted to partnering my skills with the interests of my patients by offering specialized time and discernment, as well as advanced diagnostic testing and analysis, utilizing the most current research and referrals available in our area. Together we uncover the complex root-causes of their unwellness, and together, we discover the best path towards Resilience and Wellbeing.

When it comes to the relationships with my patients, I want to help them discover and clarify what “True Life” is for them. I am honored to be invited into your lives in such a significant way!

Kevin Miller

Self Certified Personal Development and Behavioral Psychology Expert, Host of 3 Podcasts with Over 50 MILLION DOWNLOADS

Personal Story

As it relates to this business, I’ve been a lifetime athlete. From the early days of my youth playing football, baseball, and soccer, into BMX racing from ages 10-16 where I competed nationally and worked my way up to a ranking of 19th in my expert age group. I ran one year of cross country at my high school before buying a 10-speed in my junior year and joining the local college cycling group. I excelled quickly and raced for teams across the US and then got the chance to race for a European team. I turned pro at the age of 22 and continue to race at an elite level until I was 32. The health and ability of my body was not only important, it was literally my livelihood. But it was in my later years when I realized the health and fitness of my body had a direct correlation to the health and fitness of my mind. 

In the mid 2000s I founded and led a business helping people transition from traditional employment to self employment. Finding an idea that fit them and the marketplace proved to be the easier task, in relation to just doing the work. Over and over people lamented they just didn’t have the energy at the end of the day or the week to work on this “side endeavor”, and I realized that successful entrepreneurs habitually find ways of getting more out of themselves. Physical wellness then became a primary focus of this entrepreneurial training program. I got my good buddy Randy (Dr James) involved as we saw the valuable correlation between physical wellness and high performing vocational pursuits. 

From here my interest and devotion to health and wellness grew, culminating in 2015 when I joined Randy to transition his medical practice from an insurance based model to a cash pay membership where he could dive deep into a full-on Functional Medicine practice where he could devote himself to root cause issues with patients and bringing them to be as fully functioning as possible. 

In our True Life podcast we endeavor to bring the healing and empowering methodology of Functional Medicine and wellness to the masses, and the nutritional supplements offered here in our TrueLife.Store are one branch of this initiative. 

Professional Credentials

While Randy sports some of the highest profile credentials available (MD!), I have exactly zero. I barely attended high school and it’s a wonder they granted me a diploma. I grew up in business. I’ve envisioned and started 14 now. I was a pro athlete and have the podium shots to prove it. But I’m best known for hosting three different podcasts that have garnered over 50 million downloads and one (The Ziglar Show) claims the rank of #2 All-Time Career podcast in Apple Podcasts. I average over 450,000 downloads per week, and as I’m not a model, celebrity, or entertainer, I can only assume that what I write and speak provides value to  all those who tune in. As of February, 2021 I became a signed author with McGraw Hill publishers and in the Winter/Spring of 2022 will have a book that speaks to a primary issue I feel is paramount, and missing, in personal development. It’s no secret, you can hear it in my Motive podcast. 

My basic, online bio simply reads as such: A former pro cyclist and lifetime entrepreneur starting 14 businesses, Kevin has devoted himself to unearthing the root issues of positive, personal change, and motivating people to discover and commit to their unique contribution to the world. He hosts three podcasts which have eclipsed 50 million downloads and holds the ranking of #2 in All-Time Career podcasts in Apple Podcasts. He’s husband to one for 28 years, father to 9 splendid humans, and lives at 9,200’ in the Rockies in an oversized home he built out of straw bales.