Do I really need nutritional supplements?

The above video explains why you do. But to add to it, if you are sleeping great, eating an incredibly healthy diet of home grown or at least local, organic foods, and your digestion is top notch, you may be in less need. Which is great! But we’ve yet to experience anyone who is has optimum levels of the primary supplements we provide in these core packages.

If you truly want to be in the best health possible, we would say yes, you need these.

That said however, we surely would not put them ahead of you getting great sleep. Exercising. Eating great food. If your budget is limited, spend it on great food first. We would not advocate skimping on healthy, whole foods in order to afford supplements. We would put a gym membership or investments in your exercise and daily movement ahead of supplements as well. The key word is “supplement”.

  • Do what you must to get great sleep.
  • Do what you must to get great food into you.
  • Do what you must to move your body every day.
  • Do what you can to lower your stress.
And a wonderful, supporting piece is to spend $3.50 per day to get your key nutrient levels up.

    How do I know the True Life supplements are the best?

    You can’t know that. Neither can we! But nobody can make that claim. Nobody. In the video above we share why we believe our’s are some of the best, and what key aspects separate the best from the worst.

    It ultimately comes down to trust.

    • Who will you trust?
    • The big chain stores?
    • Your local naturals store?
    • And online company?
    • Do you know who the manufacturer is?
    • Does whoever you’re buying from know where the ingredients for that specific supplement were sourced?
    • Have they toured the manufacturing facility?
    • Do they know the owners of that facility?

    We’ve done all we can to ensure top notch ingredients and formulations. We absolutely can not claim we have the best. But we can assure you, as we’ve assured ourselves, our supplements are of the highest grade available on planet earth. 

    Are these higher cost supplements really worth it over cheaper supplements?

    Yes. Though just like the claim of “the best”, it is not proven. Now if we took one of our supplements and it was compared to an off the shelf competitor at a big retail store, could we deduce the efficacy of one over another? Yes. But at this point there are far too many brands to do this, and there is no industry wide grading system. You have to resort to some common sense.

    If you grew a tomato in high grade, nutrient rich soil in your backyard, did not use any pesticides, watered it with spring fed water, gave it lots of natural sunlight, then plucked it off the vine at the height of ripeness and ate it, how do you think it would taste? How full of nutrients and goodness would it be? Then imagine one grown in nutrient lacking soil in a warehouse with fake light, doused in pesticides, moistened with city tap water, picked weeks before it was ripe, shipped cross country in a dark, hot truck, then put into a grocery store where it sits for days under fluorescent lights, what would you expect from the taste and nutrient quality?

    A nutritional supplement comes from natural ingredients, that is the point. This is not a pharmaceutical medicine made in a lab. It’s the earth’s medicine. Natural medicine. To be frank, either buy high quality, or save your money. A low cost, low quality nutritional supplement is literally pissing your money away, which is only good if you get joy out of the bright yellow fluid you’ll expel as a result of it.

    How long do I need to take nutritional supplements?

    You’ll expect us to say “forever”, right? Wouldn’t that pad our pockets better?! Yes, yes it would. But alas, it’s true. However, Dr James does hope his patients can get “weller” and graduate to taking only the minimal supplements, which is what we offer in our CORE PACKAGEBut a good multi vitamin, probiotic, omega (fish oil), and vitamin D are just necessary for life. Optimal life.

    Every day we need sleep, body movement, quality food (at least when not fasting!), and necessary nutrients to shore up our nutrient lacking food supply.

    What if I don’t take my supplements every day and have leftovers when the next shipment is supposed to arrive?

    We know life happens. Vacations, big events, and distractions. Before your next 60-day supply of supplements is sent out you will get an email alert. If you realize you still have supplements left over from the previous 60-days, you will have the opportunity to delay them for the appropriate time!

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