Optimal Multi+ Shake - 60 day supply
Optimal Multi+ Shake - 60 day supply

Optimal Multi+ Shake - 60 day supply

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Optimal Multi Plus Shake is a great option for:

  • Smoothies - add along with fruit, veggies seeds, nut milks, and more to provide great taste and consistency, vital nutrients, and extra protein.
  • Meal Replacement - Give your gut a break from breaking down food and get some clean, quality calories to fuel you.
  • Meal On-The-Go - A nutritious option when you are on the run, instead of a processed bar or empty calorie snack food.
  • Protein - If your goal is performance you can simply use this as an additive to your diet overall to provide 15g of protein per serving to fuel your muscle growth and recovery.

For an in depth discussion on the value of nutritional supplements, listen to True Life podcast episode #18, “Are nutritional supplements really necessary”.

This is a SUBSCRIPTION PURCHASE for a 60 day supply with Free Shipping

Nutritional supplements don’t provide any short term “fix”, they provide benefits from an accumulative affect. Working out in the gym for a day or a week or even a month will provide little to no benefit. But 90 days or six months of it will produce huge dividends. Thus we do not offer a one-time purchase. However, you can easily cancel at any time.

Easy Delay - While the goal is to take your supplements every day, we realize life can happen and you might miss sometimes. Prior to your next shipment being sent you will receive a notice. If you want to delay the next 60-day supply for a week or more you can do so.

Free Shipping - It’s free! That’s it!


Product Specifications:

  • Optimal Multi+ - Professional grade multivitamin and 15g protein powder
  • 60 Day Supply
  • Automatically shipped so you never run out or have to remember to reorder
  • Easy shipping delay option